Restaurant & Cafes

Restaurant & Cafes

How satisfied are your guests with the menu and the quality
of service in your restaurant or cafe?

We find out how satisfied your guests, who you serve in your restaurant or cafe, are with the physical conditions of the environment and the taste they experience throughout their visit from greeting to farewell.

Measure Your Service Quality!

Mystery Shopping Surveys, a crucial part of corporate development strategies, are carried out with the Mystery Shopper method to measure and understand the service quality levels experienced by customers. In these surveys, service processes are experienced by Mystery Shoppers. Mystery Shoppers record and communicate all their observations, comments and evaluations during their experience.

Tailored for cafes and restaurants, Mystery Shopper Surveys cover all the service and experience a real customer gets at a cafe or restaurant. They address and examine all tangible & intangible elements experienced in the cafe/restaurant throughout the service. What is the quality of the service offered at the cafe/restaurant? How do customers experience the service with its tangible and intangible elements? How and to what extent cafe/restaurant personnel training is reflected in the service processes? Mystery Shopper Surveys enable you to get the answers to these questions with the highest accuracy to objective reality, and see the gap between the customer experiences you want to provide and the customer experiences you provide. They measure the service quality and performance as per the defined finding group. The report issued at the end of the survey project sheds light on all strengths and areas for improvement at the cafe/restaurant. Cafe/Restaurant personnel performance can be determined individually (on name basis) if desired and can be considered as an element of the internal reward system. Mystery Shopper Survey helps to easily map out strategies to increase customer satisfaction during their time in the cafe/restaurant.

We design and carry out a tailored Mystery Shopper Survey for your business to bring your cafe/restaurant to its optimum performance.


Online Ordering Experience

In addition to the quality of service you offer to your customers in your restaurant or cafe, would you also like to know your service quality at online orders?

Measure the quality of your customers’ online ordering experience from the order receipt to delivery to the right address at the right time with the right content. Thus, make a full and ever-satisfying online ordering service permanent.

Call Center Experience

We measure the quality of service provided to your customers from your call center. We audit your service from aspects such as communication, understanding the needs, solution effort and other headings.


Çizgi offers you a transparent, dynamic and robust project setup.

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