Accessibility Surveys

Accessibility Surveys

Improve your accessibility quality!

At what level did you create proper conditions in your organization for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility? Being at an equal distance to every individual who interacts with your services and being able to address them equally is one of the key indicators of your corporate quality. Measure thoroughly the quality of the conditions you offer to disabled and special individuals.

Measure your service quality!

Activities of organizations for special individuals with disabilities or limited mobility for different reasons are key elements of corporate reputation and overall service quality. In this context, the tailored Accessibility Mystery Shoppers Survey aims to reveal the extent to which your organization can meet the expectations and needs of disabled and special individuals, its performance in this field, and the positive or negative perception level among disabled and special individuals.

Accessibility Mystery Shopper Surveys are designed and customized for different groups with disabilities or limited mobility. In each survey, the process is carried out in cooperation with the relevant organizations and NGOs of the relevant disability or limited mobility group.

Within the scope of Accessibility Mystery Shopper Survey, the functionality level, quality, satisfaction or space for improvement of the measures taken by your organization to facilitate the service procurement of disabled and special individuals are measured. In the surveys, Mystery Shoppers who directly experience the said disability or limited mobility are assigned and their real experiences are taken as basis. The exploration, review of the questionnaire, contact point promotion and training works of the Mystery Shoppers are first completed. When necessary, Mystery Shoppers are accompanied by observers.

With Accessibility Mystery Shoppers Survey, you can measure from end-to-end your organization’s eligibility for disabled and special individuals. Increase your service quality, accessibility performance and the satisfaction level of disabled or special individuals by taking the necessary actions at the right points.

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